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XtRadius Developers
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XtRadius developers

Natalino Picone (npicone@xtradius.com)
Matteo Colombo (mcolombo@xtradius.com)
Jodie Dunlop (jodie@thyrium.com)
Michael J. Maravillo (mike.maravillo@q-linux.com)


Cyril Zlachevsky (Rpm mantainer, Beta tester)
Luis E. Garcia Ontanon (FreeBSD Patches)
John Edwards (Idea for some features)
Ian C. Sison (Xtradius helper)
Stephen 'Grumpy' Lombard (Documentation writter & Australian mirror mantainer)

Original Cistron Radius code

Miquel Van Smoorenburg (Cistron radius home page)

Special Thanks

Postgresql developers, Cooltext.com, Mysql coders

Help Us

We need volunteers to help XTRadius development in the following areas:

- Binary distribuition mantainer(s) (.rpm & .deb files)
- Bsd, Aix, Sun and Hp-ux Testers
- Documentation writer(s) - Tutorials and FAQ's
- Benchmarking XTRadius on different platforms

If you are interested in contributing please email: info@xtradius.com